The artist Ina Hiesener Kalcev lives and works near Toulouse, France.  Her two specialisms are painting and calligraphy.  Words, poems and music inspire Ina’s art which is expressed in myriads of colour.  Watercolour is her preferred artistic medium, but she uses a variety of other techniques including acrylics, oils and collages 

‚Atelier No. 14’ is where Ina hosts workshops for painting, drawing and calligraphy.  She can also be found teaching in adult education.  Ina regularly participates in workshops alongside other international painters and calligraphers.

Ina started her artistic education studying in the Department of Communication Design at the University of Applied Science in Hamburg, Germany.  Graduating with a Diploma for Children’s Book Illustrations.  This is also where she discovered her love of calligraphy.  In her professional career Ina worked as a freelance Graphic Designer on behalf of several graphic agencies in Hamburg and Braunschweig.  More recently, Ina has used her many artistic skills to illustrate books.